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Definition Of CMS (Content Management System) In Web World

Definition Of CMS (Content Management System) In Web World

Currently in building and managing a website is getting easier, not like the old days where we had to create its own system with hundreds or even thousands of lines of coding.

With the help of CMS (content management system) we can easily manage the website that we create without having to create a system from scratch.

What's CMS?

CMS (Content Management System) is software that is used to add or manipulate (change) the contents of a web site.

CMS typically consists of two elements, namely:

Content Management Application (CMA)

Content Delivery Application (CDA)

CMA is used to manage content easily, and usually do not need any special knowledge in web programming languages ​​such as HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP. CDA while using and gather information that previously has been added, subtracted or changed by website owners to update the website.

CMS generally have two views, first admin view that serves to change the look of the web, posting an article or content and also to connect to the database. in addition there is also a display admin user or a front view, which appears when accessed public.

Start of user access levels that members can only send specific data in the form of comments, then the editor can submit an article/news (for CMS that provides this facility), up to the level administrator who can perform all the existing features.

CMS is often used:










Just like Linux, which is free and open source, CMS has developed rapidly because it has an active community. with the help of CMS, we only need to know the basics of web programming. because all the features are already available, and no less than the web created by the great web developer.

Evidenced by the many websites are not only individuals but also companies and governments use the CMS.

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