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Change Theme Tips To Increase Web Visitors

Change Theme Tips To Increase Web Visitors

Changing the look or theme a time will definitely be needed by a website or blog, usually turn of the display is done for various reasons, such as the technology used template previously dated or obsolete, to make it look fresher eye, it could be because it follows the latest design trends , or because they want to do SEO optimization, for example in order to visitors increases.

In this article we will discuss a little about the last point, which is to increase the visitors of a website.

Substitution theme or look of the website is very risky for a website, so the website display rarely replaced, as if one could result in the number of visitors even less than before.

The reason can vary, either because the form template does not cause people's interest to explore the website content for navigation bad, color is not attractive, or font that is less good and the other technical stuff surrounding the design, or because the code website is not optimized for SEO purposes, so the robots Google becomes difficult to read and know the purpose of the website content.

If you intend to change the template or theme of your website, then here are some ways that you can apply so that the number of visitors did not drop after changing web view.

1. Create a notification when you want to change

2. Make changes as visitors deserted

3. Choose a theme that is SEO friendly so that visitors increasingly crowded

4. Pay attention to speed

5. Do not use the theme that too much javascript and ajax

6. Avoid themes that use flash technology

7. Do not use themes that are multipurpose (versatile)

8. Display should be more attractive

9. Compatible with various browsers

10. Theme is good to be responsive

11. Find a theme that has good navigation structure

12. Note the size of sidebar

13. Remove all unnecessary widgets

14. Show posts related and most popular

15. Submit your website to Google Web Console/Webmasters tools

16. Make sure you have the website Sitemap

17. Manage social media well

18. Make sure the writing on social media preview looks interesting

19. Make sure that all the links going well

20. Continue to multiply the content of your website

21. Keep track of stats and rankings

Those are some points that you should consider when making changes to see the website (redesign) so that visitors are increasing and not decreasing. Hopefully useful for the progress of your website. Send regards for success.

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