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3 Differences Between Websites And Blogs

3 Differences Between Websites And Blogs

Websites or sites can be defined as a collection of pages that display information text data, the data still images or motion, animation data, voice, video or a combination of these, whether they are static or dynamic that formed a series of interconnected buildings where each associated with networks pages (hyperlinks). If the contents of the information is static website remains, rarely changed, and the contents of the information only in the direction of the website owner. If the dynamic nature of the information content of the website is always changing, and two-way interactive information content derived from the owners and users of the website.

Examples of static websites is contains the profile of the company, while dynamic website is like blogger, wordpress and others. In a side development, static website can only be updated by the owner only, whereas dynamic website can be updated by the user or owner. Many people are still confused the difference between a website and blog. At first glance websites and blogs are the same, but in fact both have differences. A blog can include websites, but websites can not be regarded as a blog. Some differences can be seen clearly including the following:

1. News/Articles/Posts are sorted according to time

In a blog, articles / postings will be displayed based on the time of occurrence (day/date). The latest posts are displayed on posts longer followed. This is because the blog is the heritage aspect of journalism / journal is an online diary. Diary has contents that are based on, as well as blogs. That is not owned by a website.

2. Content/Widget

Problems that are often experienced by users of the website is their difficulty in adding content. Although at this time the website has evolved from static to dynamic system with CMS (Content Management System) advanced as Joomla, Mamboo, PhpNuke, homemade CMS, and many more but for the newbie website creation is still beyond their reach. In contrast to the blog, users have been spoiled by the publication system, system layout and configuration of the system very easy to use. With a little practice they can freely publish content to the www world, add menus, widgets and other blog component.

3. The existence of columns Comments

A very important part not owned website is a comment section. Postings on the blog always has the form/place to write comments that will also be shown at the end of the post. It gives the impression that creating a blog is not just to write and publish but has the power function two-way discussion in which the reader will leave their comments and the owners will also reciprocate so that in time they will make a very big discussion community. This is not obtained from the website.

Thus three differences between websites and blogs. Hopefully this article helpful.

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